How to Bake with a Microwave Oven

How To Bake With A Microwave Oven – 6 Simple Steps

Do you love baking or you are just an innocent foodie like me? Baking is really fun any day any time. Just having your hands in flour feels good. How to bake with a microwave oven is the most frequently asked question of every microwave oven owner or intending owner. Some people use the microwave just to heat their food while some want much more from their microwave oven.

The truth is, there are a lot of things you can do with your microwave oven than just heating food. The basic Microwave is great for heating food, defrosting, cooking etc; but the Microwave Convection Oven takes a step further to bake anything just like the conventional oven. Please Note that there is a difference between a “microwave” and “Microwave Convection Oven” (Read more).

How to Bake with a Microwave Oven
English Muffin Bread.
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To learn how to bake with a Microwave Oven, kindly keep reading. We took out time to simplify the steps on how you can bake with a microwave oven to make it really easy to do at home.

By the time your are done reading this article you will have become a Pro Baker by baking with a microwave oven in your kitchen. There really is no need to be tensed about baking, it is only fun I promise. See the steps to bake with a microwave oven below.


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How to Bake With Microwave – 6 Easy Steps to Become a Pro Baker

So you have acquired your Microwave Oven. Congratulations! Follow these 6 easy steps below to use it like a professional:


How to bake with a microwave oven
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Step 1

Unpacking: Remove your Microwave Oven from the carton and place it on a leveled flat surface. A kitchen counter or a table is great. Just make sure that it is a flat plain surface.


Step 2:

Plug the oven: Connect your microwave plug to an electric power outlet and switch on the socket switch.


Step 3:

Preheat the oven: Open the Microwave door, place the iron rack in the oven, close the door and press the convection button. This should automatically set the heat temperature to 180°. You can regulate the heat if your food requires a specific heat temperature above or below 180°. With the microwave Convection Oven it takes about 5 minutes to heat and when it does it will beep to alert you. Listen closely. Press start at allow the Microwave do its thing.


Step 4:

Put your cake in the microwave: By this time the Microwave must have heated to your required heat temperature. Open the door. Make sure the rack in the oven is properly balanced in the oven. Place your cake on it.


Step 5:

Close the door and set your time: Baking time varies from size of meal to type of meal, so be sure to estimate time properly.


Step 6:

Press start


How to Bake in Microwave
Banana Bread
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Note: Even though you underestimate the time while trying to bake with a Microwave Oven, don’t worry. Simple throw the cake into the microwave again and set some more time for it to be fully ready. It will not affect the quality of your meal so long you don’t keep it out for too long.


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