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iPro-tect 24/7 – World’s First Mobile Air Purifier

I-Protect 24/7 is a newly emerged AIM world product. It is a wearable technology that contains chlorine-dioxide that kills viruses. It emits invisible fumes, it creates a 2 meters anti-bacterial force field, anti-viral force field, airborne   protection against flu and it lasts up to 60 days and it creates a barrier of protection from unwanted particles.


Air-borne infections spread when bacteria or viruses travel on dust particles or small respiratory droplets that become aerosolized when an infected person sneezes or coughs.

 Healthy people can inhale the infectious droplets or the droplets can land on their eyes, nose, and mouth. People who inhale the airborne germ do not have to have a face to face contact or be in the same room as the infected person. 

It is because of this factor that hospitals have special air handling and ventilation systems in “some rooms” to protect their patients. These ventilation systems are mostly not mobile.

Types of Airborne Diseases

Many diseases are spread through the air including these 6 diseases mentioned below:

1. The common cold: millions of cases of the common cold occur each year in the world. Most adults get two or three colds a year. Children tend to get them more frequently. The common cold is the top reason for absences at school and work. The cold virus is called the Rhinovirus.


2. Influenza: most people have had experiences with the flu. It spreads easily because it is very contagious. Symptoms are noticed after a day of infection. It remains contagious for another 5-7 days. The flu has many strains that change constantly making it difficult for the human body to develop immunity.


3. Chickenpox: This is caused by the Varicella zoster virus. This virus takes a day or two in infected persons before they get the telltale rash. It takes 21 days after exposure for the disease to develop. It causes an itchy rash that starts from the chest, face, and back before spreading round the body. Infected persons experience this epidemic once, if there are cases of this virus resurfacing, it becomes a painful skin condition called shingles.


4. Measles: measles virus is a non-segmented negative-strand RNA virus classified within the family Paramycoviridae, genus Morbillivirus. It is transmitted by aerosols with infection initiating in the respiratory tract. The virus spreads to the second lymphoid tissue followed by viremia 7 days following infections. This disseminates the virus to epithelial tissue in various organs and the skin. (Griffin, 2010). The infected individual develops a range of symptoms including fever, cough and a characteristic maculopapular rash. The virus is highly contagious. In a small proportion of cases, the virus persists in neurological tissue in a condition called Subacute Sclerosing Pan Encephalitis (SSPE), which leads to the destruction of the neurons and death.


5. Whooping cough (pertussis): this respiratory illness causes swelling of the airways that results in a persistent hacking cough.


6. Tuberculosis (TB): also known as consumption is an air-borne disease but this bacterial infection doesn’t spread easily. People with a weakened immune system have the greatest risk of developing this disease. Symptoms can appear within days of exposure, for some, it takes months or years to get activated. When the disease is active, bacterium rapidly multiplies and attacks the lungs. It spreads through the blood, lymph nodes to other organs, bones or skin.

Major Means of Transmission


Many air-borne virus transmission studies focus on indoor environments such as hospitals, laboratories, schools, and animal husbandry facilities. The capacity for transmission is much greater in these environs due to issues such as recirculated air, confined space, and proximity to a viral source. Viruses have been detected in association with fog, clouds, smoke, and dust in the atmosphere.

Human activity congregating in large numbers promotes transmission of air-borne viruses. Activities such as school, universities or sporting events are all high-risk activities for contracting air-borne diseases. This brings susceptible individuals into close contact with those that are infected.

How to Prevent Bacteria and Viruses

Infections are caused by microscopic organisms known as pathogens, bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites that enter the body, multiply and interfere with normal functions. The first line of defense is to keep germs at bay by following good hygiene habits.

  • Wash your hands well. Wash them after using the bathroom, before preparing or eating food, after blowing your nose, coughing, sneezing or caring for a sick person.
  • Cover a cough. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you sneeze or cough then dispose of it. If no tissue is handy, cough or sneezes into your elbow rather than into your hands.
  • Do not pick at healing wounds or blemishes or squeeze pimples.
  • Don’t share dishes, glasses or eating utensils with an infected person.
  • Avoid direct contact with napkins, tissues, handkerchiefs or similar items used by others.

In all these preventive measures, we know we can only honestly keep to a few constantly. In our day to day activities especially when we are at work or school, we won’t sink into these measures even in our thoughts.

The time for self-protection technology has finally come. A breakthrough in the control of communicable disease, protecting individuals round the clock is the i-Protect 24/7.

After 30 years of clinical research, the Japanese have come out with this amazing product that creates a barrier of protection and disintegrates unwanted particles. The i-Protect 24/7

We spend so much on curing the disease when we can spend less with preventive intervention. With this product, your world is protected from airborne bacteria, viruses, and flu keeping our health intact and assuring our optimum productivity and the safety of those we love.

5 Reasons Why You Should Wear i-Protect 24/7

  1. Self-protection: iProtect works by emitting invisible fumes that disinfect and disintegrate viruses and bacteria in seconds before it reaches your body. The protection is within 1-2 meters range from the necklace and could last for two months (you can replace it after 2 months).

  1. Proven safe and effective by doctors: a series of clinical lab studies showed that viruses and bacteria were decreased in the first minute of exposure with iProtect 24/7. It made strictly of 100% natural and 100% organic ingredients.

  1. Easy to use: iprotect comes with a trendy and stylish design necklace made of premium surgical stainless steel in silver, gold, and black color. It is scientifically and strategically positioned on your chest to primarily safeguard your nose and mouth from unwanted viruses and bacteria traveling through air.

  1. Exclusively made by AIM for YOU: having one international patent is enough to be called by any other means but iprotect securely granted a triple patent in Japan and in the US. So you can’t find this product of the same kind in another source.

  1. Practically for everyone: whether old or young, male or female or someone in between, Iprotect 24/7 can be worn by anyone who wants to breath freely and stay clean by the power of i-Protect 24/7 aim global.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. Kindly watch the video below this FAQ. You can also search for more videos and article on i-protect online

Yes! Its unique design allows anyone to wear the i-Protect anytime and anywhere with any choice of fashion. The i-Protect pendant where the i-Protect pack will be placed inside has a unique design called the Flower of life that is a symbol of serenity, harmony, and balance for life secured from the airborne disease.

Are children affected by infections from bacteria and viruses? Yes, they are. In fact, they are the most vulnerable. This new product, the i-Protect 24/7 is for any age of persons. These diseases have no limits, they affect adults, children and old. As long as you have your potable i-Protect 24/7, you will help prevent diseases from you and your loved ones.

Yes you can order this product and get it in your country. Simply use the form below to contact us.

Yes you can. Contact us through the form below.

The i-protect and any of the pendant cost $85


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