Prayer - The Key and Door All In One

Prayer – The Key and Door All In One

The world today is gradually giving in to various schools of thought that seek to devalue prayer. The fact is at some point in every human’s life we all pray. The only difference is who or what we pray to and why we pray. In Christianity, prayer is a conversation between a believer with God. The need to pray is mostly triggered by a lot of things but it mostly happens when we face challenges and need guidance, wisdom, knowledge, and strength. When we feel weak and helpless.

Prayer steps in that time of your life when all hope is lost, when it seems like you should give up when every person that knows you neglect you and then you think of the worst things to do. That time when you have friends around you. When you are happy and having the fun of your life. When there is no disappointment and so much love in the air that you get lost in the moment. When you have it all and you are so grateful.

Prayer happens to us at the beginning and end of or lives. It is the Genesis and Revelation of life. It is said in good and bad times. Prayer is simply asking for the goodness of life, forgiveness, and strength. Prayer is as simple as laughing and saying “Thank you, God”. It is like a WIFI connection but then more, an access point to the realm of the spirit. An access point to a place where there are endless possibilities and freedom. A path to divine grace, provision, mercy, and absolute love

Prayer can also be non-verbal (Psalm 61 vs 1. “Hear my cry O God; attend unto my
Prayer”). Prayers could be hidden in actions and wishes. It can be embedded in love, gestures, tears, and kindness.  So you are hurt and you are happy, you tear out of pain or joy, it is heard in heaven, answered as a Prayer if you are a believer.

Mastering prayer can take a while. I simply understood the power of Prayer not in a day, a week nor a month but in years. When things took time to come, I would simply read:

“Psalms 37vs 7:  Be still before the
Lord and wait patiently for him to act”

Prayer is not just a Key, it is a whole door to a supernatural realm. Through prayer, you can raise Altars to speak for you, fight, stand in times of trial when you are not in good health, or simply too tired or weak to pray. Imagine a man like Job, if he never knew God, and “Praying fervently”, I don’t think He would have recovered all he lost but then the altar that is greater than every situation
spoke for him because he raised it before the evil day came upon him.

In the old Testament, physical altars were made Exo 17:15. These altars were used for offerings according to the voice of God, Exo 20:24. The modern-day physical altar is in the Church of God. The spiritual altar is built and maintained through a persistent prayer life. The Holy Spirit constantly ministers to believers through our spiritual altars during prayer, the gifts, and fruits of the
spirits are released Gal 5:22, 1st Corinthians, 12:8-10 through Prayer.

One more word of prayer could be all it takes to trigger an immediate solution/response to an underlining problem/question of years past.
Pray till your last breath. Until then, don’t stop.

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