Importance of Technology in education

Top 11 Importance of Technology in Education

The idea of learning in the world is fast changing. The method/practices used to deliver education ten years ago is different now. I remember my father telling me about their school days back in the 60s. Comparing that to what is obtainable as of today makes me realize the level of growth, and difference in practice in the educational sector of the 21st century. These differences have one way or another been facilitated by improved technology. Even though one can not say technology has been fully utilized in the educational sector, it is still unanimously described as the next generation tool for better learning. The top 11 importance of technology in education does was derived from a pool of numerous importance.

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11 Importance of Technology in Education

Check out the importance of technology in education below:


1. Equality

The availability of educational materials in schools all over the country and even the world at large is uneven.  Students in wealthy schools have a rich data base of quality resource ever present In the library. This cannot be said for the middle class and poor schools. The introduction of technology into education closes the gap in availability of educational materials for all levels of school. Students using technology in low-income schools gain significant skills and knowledge in the learning process. Hence, using technology is an equalizer for disadvantaged students.

2. Motivation

Technology can be a huge source of motivation to students. Students love to be rewarded after successfully completing a series of task (feedback). Technology tracks and reports student’s progress. With tech based learning, artificial but valuable awards can be created and can be programmed to be automatically awarded to a student after completing a particular learning plan. This achievement can also be shared among class member which will in-turn beef up the competitive spirit in the class and school as a whole. This feedback offers instant motivation to improve performance.

In the same way, students who use technology are motivated to improve performance; just like they do while on their gaming consoles at home. Trying to beat their high scores at home and trying to beat their high scores in math use the same psychology.

3. Future

Technology as of today is becoming the driving force of human activity all over the world. The world is chasing new technological ideas and improvement at a high pace. This makes introduction of technology into schools a very important issue. Students need to know about the advancements in the world. They need to know about the trends in the modern day world as it relates to the reduction of task by enhanced technology and communication. They need to master how to use technology so they effectively compete with their peers globally. Technology will be used after they graduate from school. It will be used in their daily living, chosen career, social life, etc. Why not use it daily in school?

4. Social

The social life of a student is very important. Technology makes it easy to engage them in lots of social platforms. The social life of a student can help boost has academic abilities. Just like I earlier mentioned in motivation, sharing achievement can be a major boost among peer on the same platform. This fact has been authenticated and utilized by several app programmers. Adding social features to educational technology platforms can allow for healthy competition among peers in same classroom, same school, or across the country. Performing well and earning virtual awards to gain virtual social status is one way to boost educational compliance. Using technology to include social features in education can make learning very engaging or addictive.


5. Mobile Learning

Smart mobile devices can aid education greatly. The world is now a smart place and youths are the driving force. Integrated educational materials on mobile devices can ensure that students can still learn from home. It is very easy to access educational materials on mobile than some big time libraries. Smart learning app takes a step further to improve learning from anywhere in the world. Schools can create learning apps fortified with topics and learning plans for mobile phones, share apps with students and supervise their learning from anywhere in the world. Mobile technology allows for greater teamwork between students promoting strong foundations in group work.

6. Data Storage

Loss of data can be easily combated with technology. Technology reduces the tediousness associated with carrying books and other learning materials to and from school. Before now student data and notes could only written on paper. This form of data storage is associated with a high number of perils. Thanks to modern day technologies like Blockchain and its likes that has made it possible to store data and the cloud. Online data storage can be accessed from anywhere and are indelible on platforms like Blockchain. This totally eradicates the issue of data loss.

7. Resource Updates

Keep up with recent trends in the world can be very expensive without technology. Some schools all over the world still use outdated books because of the high cost of replacing them with updated editions. This is true even in tertiary institutions. This problem is solved by technology. The cost of updating a software on a device is nothing compared to the cost of buying news books. This reduced cost and ease motivates school admins to constantly serve its students with real-time information on any course of their choice.

8. Assessments

Tracking student progress is done instantly with the help of technology. Technology makes it easy to ascertain a student’s weakness and strength in real time. Computer based test is one of those many technologies that allows assessment to be carried out with relative ease and accuracy. Gone are the days where students write and exam and wait for months to see the result which are sometimes erroneous. Technology makes it possible for instant grading and correction of students right in the classroom.

9. Global

Learning in the 21st century can be carried out without the physical presence of the teacher and student. Just as the world is becoming a virtual, so is education. Technology has made it possible for people to study in foreign countries without physically attending a any class. With a connected device to the schools portal, the student can stay at the comfort of his home and learn all he needs to know about his chosen discipline. This reduces the cost of processing VISA, transport and accommodation cost among other cost that would have been incurred to travel overseas. All reading materials are readily available online as well as assessment exercises.

10. Savings

Technology can replace infrastructure. It can help save money on the purchase of things like desks, books, lab equipment and other items which are a heavy cost burden on schools everywhere. It can help geographically isolated or economically disadvantaged children to benefit from access to online resources which would be cost affordable without technology.

11. Convenience

Gaining knowledge in modern times is simplified by technology. It is does not require children carrying heavy backpacks, textbooks, and binders. A new lightweight laptop weighs less than 5 pounds and has massive storage that can contain about anything he needs all through his education in a certain school. In addition to the system memory space, the student can access cloud storage over the internet or online resource portals with unlimited of information on the go. For kids who because of one reason or the other cannot attend conventional school, tech makes it possible for them to be home schooled effectively and efficiently; maybe even more than those in the conventional schools.


Technology is an important tool for better education in the future. Though its integration into the educational systems of countries over the world is at its infant age, it remains a positive element for the development and effective learning culture globally. I believe that in no time the education sector will be revamped with technology. This will in no way replace teachers; it will only make teaching a lot easier for them. The relevance of educational technology in teacher education programme can never be over-emphasized.

I hope you can find the importance of technology in education to be true and viable after reading this.


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